February 10, 2011

Woman from the bank...

Every day I do this project I can learn a lot from the reactions of the people. They seems to be so confused, so scared and surprised....but in the end all of them just can´t stop smile and giving me so much positive energy sharing their love even if they dont realize it. Their faces are getting red and eyes are shining...telling me Thank you without words. Everytime I do this, everytime I give piece of fruit for free I got the feeling I am holding my heart in my hands. For me its very emotionals sharing...I would love if you could try it and share your feelings...:)

I was in my bank today, and woman who is working there just started to speak with me as a friend. Asking me what I am doing, what I am studying and sharing with me her experiencies, her life. I just felt so much love from her, I felt as I want to stay there and just speak with her and enjoy that moment. When I left..I knew what I need...what I want to do. I chose the best pineapple what i could find in the shop and brought it to her.To say thank you.
Love is all around us, you are receiving it every single day and its just up to you if you want to give it back.
When I gave her that pineapple...she was wonderful, she told me I made her so happy...but actually it was her who made my day:)
I believe we are attracting people who are around us....and if I can meet every day such a good person with so much love to share....it just worthy to live and I feel I am one of the happiest person in the world that time:)

I want to say thank you one more time. Maybe one day she can read this article to know how amazing person she is:)maybe one day if you will go around VUB bank in Nitra so you can just bring her some fruits to show her what amazing person she is..cause people who are sharing their love without expecting anything back....are those who won in this world, are those who can change this world:))))...and I wish I can be one of them :) Maybe you can join us:))


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