Fruit for free

Fruit for free, for you from me:)
This is gonna be awesome, I am sure that. I am so excited about this project. The idea came to my mind almost year ago, that we can actually make people so happy just by one small gift for free, by piece of fruit or vegie. We can share our love, everybody deserve to be loved cause all of us are unique but not everybody can realize that. I wanna show people that they are more, they dont need to be angry or sad if they have someone who can be nice to them...we can just make their day. To share idea of healthy living, healthy eating is just amazing, amazing part of  it..cause people will realize how to love their body, what to eat and clear their mind, what is really important for them...and this is to be healthy and love.
The idea is to buy every day or every week even one per months kilo of fruits and give it to person who seems to be little confused, who seems to be little sad, or just offer it to people who are happy, to your friends or strangers so they will realize that they are loved, and that they can be happy every day...all their lives:)
I want to spread this project all around the world and I would really appreciate if you could try this with us...and take picture of it so we could upload them and let the love be magical, let the love change us, show people its working:)
Just join us if you like it:)...lets do this, lets just spread the love around:)))))