November 8, 2011

Miracles are happening

Wake up with a sun just because you feel its right time. Nature is calling me. I am listening the music of ocean which is so beautiful, so wild that you better stay just untouched by those amazing waves. Those beautiful bugs around got my attention, producing voices so beautiful that I just find myself full of emotions. Black birds sitting close to my tent seem to be one of the most experienced singers.
Feeling the harmony. This beautiful orchester around just calm your mind, your thoughts and you have got opportunity to experience the pure feeling of your heart. All is coming from your deep inside.

And when I get up ad leave my new house, cozy tiny tent, which is gonna be my home for few months, all nature around is already awake.
Following the steps of Jose, I am coming to yoga hall which is constructed from palm leaves and mostly natural material and constructed so well, that in the middle of it your voice is much this hall...everything is possible:)Life is miracle. I can feel my body from inside as I could never do before, feel my energy and this feeling of blissnes what comes throught you sometimes when you really catch the point. This kind of can really get...just when you follow your dreams-and suddenly they are coming true.
Nature become silence for a while.

Coming to shower in nature. Dont wanna disturb all small but very cute bats which are living there, but the need of that awaking cold water is much stronger:)
Meeting in kitchen with the other volunteer and Jose is sharing his fruits every time he has some (just amazing man who just dont need to know any project to know how to love)
Feeling of emptyness in my heart is gone....evening class with Marybel, my teacher of yoga, helped me to remember what is the most important in my love and share.
Thank you