February 3, 2011


Year 2011 completely changed my life...its just second of february, but I can say I did really such a huge step in my life as I have never done before. Its just so amazing to see yourself doing well, to see that your dreams are coming true, to see that you are completely changing and growing in some way:)
I used to regret all my mistakes what i did in my life, I used to cry for my problems and not see the way which I should go. My friends, exboyfriend, family...everybody around could tell you a lot about it...to see me crying, to see me dieing...every day last few months. Have you ever thought your life is not enough beautiful anymore to hold on, is not worthy to live,and that its time to leave and just...fly away??? ....NO,NO,NO.....never...never let yourself to think this way. Why?...because there is still way, there is way to be happy, there is something in the world what can make you happy, what can give you new power to live, show you what is important for you and what are your aims......start with LOVE...to love yourself. Look at your hands..look at your body...look at the mirror and say what you can see....do you really love every part of your body? Do you realize how unique you are...how beautiful, how amazing body you have. Love your brown eyes, love your color of your skin...be satisfied with yourself. Its just amazing how different people are...everybody has something so specific and so beautiful on his body, something so funny or something so ugly...that you just need to love it....its YOU, its your being..your soul got perfect cover. Be proud of it, be yourself and dont try to hide who you are and what is your look. You are amazing how you were born. Love and you will realize that your love is all around. You are making other people happy. You have that power to make them smile, you have power to do magical things around you. You will just realize that you are giving your LOVE FOR FREE and not expecting anything back. Be the one who can show the others how amazing is to love, how amazing life we can live, become example for people who need it as you did in the past. Its so easy to change your life....to be proud of you, to love....to share.

 I do...I am proud of myself where I am now, I am glad to live my life here right now, I am unbelievable happy for all my experiencies what i lived in my life, for all my mistakes, for all my losts.  Be happy now, love and share. Share what you´ve got what you have...:)Its worthy!


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