March 13, 2011

Better world around us...

I can see the difference...dont look at a world and say how ugly it is, what a bad people are living around and how bad we are behaving to our mother nature, dont complain....I really dont want to see this, dont want to live this...
Its not that I want to be blind and deaf, that I want to fly in the clouds, wear pink glasses and not to be realistic...I am...actually I am realistic and I can see every day around me people who really care about our future, people who love to be here and want to change this world to better place to live in. As I could hear in one movie...Its too late to be pessimists...and I really agree. IT IS TOO LATE TO BE PESSIMISTS. We have this opportunity to change our world, to change our lives and even if I am starting with such a simple idea....believe me, this can be the start point:) With these first small steps we can make it real. Look at a world and search for better people around....and suddenly you will find the way:)
From february when we started this project with Joshua:), I really met sooooo many new friends....friends who liked my project or who didnt .....but all of those people are just great and I can see our great future, I am not pessimistic anymore. Try to see the difference and believe we can save our planet. Its still time to do this:)
What I would advice you.....speak with people around, find people who are positive thinking and become one of them, surround yourself with open-minded people, with people who can change you in good way.
I believe that we are influenced by every single person, every situation what we live every day...and its just up to us if we take it as an example and start to behave as the others or if we learn from it and become better persons. I prefer to learn. I dont wanna think negative anymore...:)Just smile to other people from your heart, from your inside. Try to realize that there are no bad people around you.....there are just people who are hurted, people who dont believe in goodness anymore, who are affraid to open their hearts and for who we can be example.
I met one women during this project....and she didnt want to receive my love. She said her bag is too heavy and too full already that she doesnt have a place for it (funny cause it sounds as she was speaking about her heart...). She could not understand the point....or....she just couldnt receive love because she was affraid to be hurted. This is what can happen very often. People are closing their hearts just to not be hurted. They cant share their love...but what is the worst..they cant even receive it. This woman finally took my fruit with the words that she will make me happy...and she did...because I believe that this message of love opened in her heart small door and maybe later when I left and she stayed there just with that piece of fruit..and she could realize that actually my purpose was to make HER happy and I didnt expect anything from her...Its all for free because we have so much love in our hearts that we can love everybody in this world.
I wanna say thank you for this..thank you for everybody who I met last days and during all my life because of those people I just could become better person. I am unbelievable grateful for my family because I couldnt choose better (love my mother who is trying to support my crazy ideas all my life, my father and great sister with who I believe one day I can spend longer time and we can find the way to each other...all my family....I just love them too much), I am happy for my friends who are all around the world...who are just amazing and every one of them is unique and great. I want that they know how I appreciate them, how I love them and what they gave me in my life. I want to say thank you even to my boss who teachs me every day that even if we are working (hard or less hard:)), sometimes in stress, that its still possible to behave nice to the others, to smile and share us. Thanks to my workmates for a great time what I have at work, thanks some of my professors who could teach me a lot(especially in Turkey:)...thanks to every person who I met:)

Try to help us....doesnt matter which idea you will offer free hugs around you, to be nicer to people around, clean our nature every simple picking up some garbage from floor or save it by using less electricity, less products which are harmful for our planet because of their plastic cover..., or by using stairs instead of elevator (what is actually good for nature and you as well:)) or just by our your first steps and your life will become nicer, easier and more colourful:)...

Lets make a difference:)Lets go this way...I believe...try to do the same:)....


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  1. This seems like such a kind caring thing to do, it can only make the world a better place. I hope you are watched over and stay out of harm's way.